How much does it cost?

Everyone is different, which is why we don't like to put a standard fees list here on our website. A fee will depend on things such as, how neat you keep your records during the year;

whether you do any book-keeping and if you reconcile it to the bank statements; whether you have a dedicated business bank account and try to minimise personal transactions; how many transactions you have every month; what type of industry you are in.

We offer payment by monthly direct debit as well as payment upon invoice. This helps you with managing your cash flow.

Fixed Fee Quotations

In order to give you a fixed fee quote, we would need to have to chat with you to determine factors such as listed above, plus the most important factor, what you actually require of us. You may not actually know all of the requirements that go with running a business, so we will try and help you understand these and see what you are comfortable doing yourself (even with a bit guidance) and what you would be far happier for us to take on for you.

Any initial meeting or telephone call meeting is completely free and without any obligation.

All of our fixed fees come with year round support, so you don't worry about contacting us and being charged by minute. We ensure that a service level is appropriate and understood and therefore priced accordingly. If you decide later on to add to your service level, then you can!

Business Start-Ups

For new businesses we appreciate that funds can be tight or budgets undefined at the start of the process. So along with our other Business Start-Up Services we can offer flexible payment plans to make the early stages of starting a business a little easier. We pride ourselves on offering a great service for a very competitive price.

Call now on 01276 817946 for a no obligation chat to discuss your requirements, or use our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.