We offer many other business services such as Payroll & Workplace Pension Admin, Business Valuations, Company Secretarial and many more.

Company Secretarial Services

We provide a comprehensive range of company secretarial services, including filing the annual return with Companies House, dealing with all company secretarial aspects of the company’s operation, including change of company name, appointment and resignation of Directors, allotment of shares and share transfers.

Payroll & Workplace Pension Services

We provide our accountancy clients with a fully integrated payroll service. Payslips are produced monthly or weekly, depending on when you pay your staff. You, as the employer, are also advised of how much is due to HMRC and when and how to pay. With the introduction of workplace pensions and the impact of this on small businesses during 2016 and 2017,  this will add an administration burden on your payroll. We can help you with the implementation of a pension scheme and then take care of this as part of our payroll services. If you do not know who to choose as your Workplace Pension provider, we can help you review the options according to fees, easy of use and ongoing management, but cannot advise which pension is most suitable for investment purposes as we are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. A Financial Advisor can help you with this aspect of the process. Please see the Pensions Regulator website for more information on this topic.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash is the one thing in running a business that will make you sink or swim. You could have a very profitable business, but if you don’t have the cash flowing in and out of the business at the right times, the business could fail very easily.

Each business’s Cash Flow forecast is unique to them and there is not a 'template' as such. We can help you set up a Cash Flow Forecast and either regularly update it for you, or just provide it for you to use. Some book-keeping software can produce Cash Flow Forecasts for you, but these need to be reviewed carefully for factors that the software cannot possibly be aware of.

We can advise you of ways to improve your cash flow and how to manage it on a week-to-week basis.

Business Valuations

There are many situations that will require you to have your business valued. For instance, if you are selling your business, looking to gain financial assistance or changing your ownership structure. We can help you with preparing the figures and assumptions with you and providing a formalised business valuation.

Financial Assistance

We can help you with selecting the best option for any funding requirements for your business. After selection stage, we can help you with your business plan to apply for funding and even come along to support you at any bank or alternative funding meeting that you may have regarding this.

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