We offer a comprehensive range of taxation services services including Business taxation, Personal Taxation, VAT and PAYE.

Business Taxation

We ensure that you have claimed all relevant tax deductible costs before calculating your tax due. This applies to both companies and sole-trader / partnership businesses. We will also tell you when you are trying it on! If you are self-employed via the Sole Trader route, this will form part of your personal tax return. If you are a company, a Corporation Tax Return will be prepared. All tax returns are submitted online to HMRC.

For Employers, we also provide payroll services as an add-on service. This includes managing the payroll each month, sending out payslips, submitting information to HMRC and telling you how much PAYE and NI is due to HMRC.

Personal Taxation

If you are self-employed, you will have to complete a personal tax return and your business profits will form part of this return.

Directors, Landlords and other individuals also have to complete individual tax returns, and we can help in these areas too. You may also be subject to Capital Gains tax if you have sold an asset for over £10,000.

You may have a suspicion that you have paid too much tax via your PAYE code for whatever reason, and want someone just to check before you take it any further.

You have received that dreaded letter from HMRC saying that you owe X amount of tax and can’t understand how on earth that figure is calculated – we can help you to look at this.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

We prepare and submit quarterly VAT returns for some of our clients, either from book-keeping records provided or we provide a book-keeping service too.

We also advise on when a business needs to register for VAT and what type of VAT scheme would be best ie, Flat Rate Scheme, Normal Invoice Accounting Scheme or Cash Accounting Scheme. We can then carry out the VAT Registration process for you.

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